Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Garden Village Scene

Easter is coming up soon! Mattel has made so many little Easter dolls I had to do a scene picture with them. With the nice weather recently I was able to take the pictures outside :). Here they are having an Easter egg hunt. Enjoy!


2004 Easter Party Lamb Becky (left)
2002 Easter Eggie Melody as a Li'l Lamb (right)

2002 Cute as a Bunny Melody (left)
2002 Cute as a Bunny Kelly (right)

2004 Easter Party Chick Melody

2001 Easter Eggie Liana as a Li'l Egg 

2000 Easterrific Kelly as a Cheery Chick

2000 Easterrific Kelly as a Funny Bunny

2001 Fluffy Tail Kelly (Pink)
2001 Fluffy Tail Kelly (Purple)

Front Left: 2000 Easterrific Kelly in her Easter Best
Center with poka dots: 2006 Easter Party Kelly
Front Right: 2008 Easter is Tutu Fun Kelly

2004 Easter Party Bunny Kelly

Make your own! Here's how:
- Cardboard to use as the base
- Green paper for underneath Easter grass
- Green recycled paper Easter grass (Wegmans)
- Stone scrapbook paper (for stone walkway) (Hobby Lobby)
- House gift boxes (Walmart)
- Large blue plastic egg
- Lifesaver pastel Jelly beans
- Pipe cleaner chicks (AC Moore)
- Fake mini flowers (AC Moore & Hobby Lobby, wedding sections)
- Easter Kelly dolls and accessories